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Financial settlements without the use of cash are simple and convenient, which is why they are becoming more and more popular. The possibilities of  “plastic ” are   influenced by many factors, including the type of payment system. Its affiliation is indicated by the logo on the bank card. The article discusses the features of aestro cards  . You will learn about their differences from analogs, features, method of obtaining.

What is Mastercard Maestro

Maestro is an electronic card of the Mastercard payment system. It is debit, i.e. on the funds that are stored on it, interest is not calculated. Often it is it that is opened for payroll. Maestro is considered an entry-level card. It gives access to a small number of services and is inexpensive to maintain. Owners spend on service, as a rule, no more than 300 € per year. Some banks do not take this fee either (for example, Euro Bank, Amsterdam Bank).

The Maestro card number is  usually not printed, the numbers are embossed on the face of the card (but there are exceptions). The “plastic” itself is equipped with a magnetic stripe, sometimes also with a chip. This product is often used for many social projects: it is issued to receive social benefits, pensions, scholarships.

Features of the Maestro bank card

  1. The card is not personified (i.e. the name of the owner is not indicated on it).
  2. Opening your own account is possible from the age of 14.
  3. The Maestro number is 18 digits long.
  4. Each card operation requires online authorization (PIN code).
  5. Maestro does not have the security code CVV2, CVC2, which is required to pay online. The security code for these cards is SecureCode.
  6. It is possible to deposit money for the purchase of goods / provision of services with a Maestro card on the Internet without CVV2, CVC2. For example, through Paypal.

Differences between Maestro, Mastercard, Visa

Often the owners themselves do not know the differences between the cards. When choosing a banking product, many have a superficial understanding of the basic features of each type of “plastic”.


What is the difference between Maestro and Mastercard

  • Mastercard is an international payment system (valid in many countries). It includes several trade marks (TM), including Maestro. Those. this is one of the services of the system that appeared in 1990 (the Mastercard system itself arose in the mid-1970s).
  • To carry out transactions with the Maestro card, only online authorization is provided: the payment is confirmed by the client immediately (by entering a pin code or personal signature). Other Mastercard services allow voice or offline authorization. In the first option, the cashier who accepts the payment contacts the bank by phone, confirming the operation. Offline authorization takes place without instant confirmation of the transaction. The required amount is debited from the client’s account, and information about all received payments is transferred to the bank at the end of the day.
  • The logos of both TMs are represented by intersecting circles, but in different colors (Mastercard – red-yellow, Maestro – red-blue).

What is the difference between Visa and Maestro

  • Visa, like Mastercard, is primarily a payment system that includes several brands.
  • Visa Electron is considered an analogue of  Maestro’s “plastic”. Both cards have simple functionality and are intended mainly for paying for purchases in shopping centers and stores.
  • Visa differs from Maestro by a 16-digit number.
  • The owner of “plastic” Maestro must confirm each purchase by entering a PIN code. Visa Electron does not require this.
  • When converting dollars, they often use a Visa card. Maestro is primarily used for euro conversion.
  • The Visa Electron card allows you to pay for purchases on the Internet. This option is regulated by the bank. Making purchases online using Maestro is possible only using additional services (for example, Paypal or another card linked to Maestro).

Services available with the Maestro card

  1. Own funds are allowed to be deposited or removed from the card at any time. You can add money to your account at ATMs with the option of accepting cash.
  2. In most trade and service enterprises, Maestro  can pay for  goods / services. This applies to many shops and restaurants in Europa, but not all institutions abroad.
  3. Maestro owners practice payment of utility bills by card, pay for the Internet, television.
  4.  Money can be transferred to the Maestro card  from both individuals and legal entities (for example, this is how salaries or social benefits are credited).
  5. It is possible to connect mobile and Internet banking to the card.

Varieties of Maestro cards in banks

  • Euro Bank of Europa offers to open “plastic” Maestro free of charge for a period of 3 years in European € or US dollars. Opening an account in euros is available to those who apply for a loan in this currency. The card is issued immediately upon conclusion of the agreement at the bank branch. You cannot receive a salary for it. Additionally, the financial institution issues the following types of cards: “Euro Bank-Maestro” Social “and” Euro Bank-Maestro “Student”.
  • It takes about 7 days to issue a Maestro card at Alfa-Bank . You can also open an account in European €. Among the possibilities offered by “plastic” is a floating annual interest rate. It depends on the amount in the account. The higher the rate, the more money remains on the card. 
  • Rosbank  provides a loan using the Maestro “My Style” card, and also gives an opportunity to choose a “plastic” design.

What are the features of the Maestro social card from Euro Bank

To receive pensions or social benefits, Euro Bank of Europa offers to issue a special banking product – the Maestro Social Card. 


  • It is issued only in €.
  • Maestro Social service is free;
  • The balance on the card is charged 3.5% per annum.
  • A chance to issue additional cards is given. The service of each of them will cost the owners 150 € per year.
  • If a pensioner works, then it will not work to add the money he earned to the social card. Its use in the framework of the salary project is not provided.
  • But by connecting Euro Bank Online, you can open deposits and transfer money to them from the card.

How to get Maestro card

The instructions for obtaining a card are usually standard for most banks. To get “plastic” with the Maestro logo, you need:

  1. Fill out an application at a bank branch or leave an application online on the website.
  2. Provide the bank with a passport of a citizen of the European.
  3. Pick up the card.
  • If the card is instantly issued (as in Euro Bank), then the client will only have to sign a service agreement;
  • If it takes several days to produce a card, banks usually notify customers when to come;
  • To apply for a social card, you will need to write an application to the pension fund with a request to transfer money to the specified account.

Advantages and disadvantages of Maestro cards. Reviews

The opinions of the cardholders point to the following positive aspects of Maestro:

  • ease of receipt and use;
  • issue and service at the expense of the bank;
  • ease of payment;
  • receiving a card from the age of 14.

Among the shortcomings, among others, the following are noted:

  • you cannot rely on the card when traveling abroad;
  • on cards of some banks there is a commission for withdrawing cash at regional ATMs.

Tips for cardholders

  1. When issuing a card, ask the bank about the limit for issuing money / paying for purchases. For example, with a Maestro card from Euro Bank, you can pay for goods and services for no more than 100,000 € per day.
  2. Transfer from card to card of one payment system is available via SMS or the Internet. 
  3. If you need to transfer money, for example, from Maestro to a Visa card, one of the options is to use an ATM that accepts cash.
  4. Going on vacation abroad, you should find out how widespread the Maestro service is in the hotel / city / country where you will be staying. You will need this information in order to know if you can withdraw money or pay by card.
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