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PayPal is a foreign electronic payment service that came to the European market relatively recently – in 2011. In terms of its functionality and principles, it is analogous to domestic services such as Yandex money, Qiwi, but at the same time it differs significantly from them. We recommend using a different payment system .


Let’s consider what paypal is in detail. Like other electronic payment services, this system allows the user to work with money: pay for purchases, receive and spend funds. But Paypal gained its worldwide popularity due to a number of features:

  1. Globality – the system works in many countries of the world and accepts most currencies. With its help, a resident of Europa can easily buy in foreign online stores, even if they do not accept €. A similar situation with the transfer and withdrawal of funds.
  2. Ease of use. After connecting to the service to pay for purchases, you do not have to enter the payment details of your card every time. To do this, you just need to log in to your personal account and confirm the payment from there.
  3. Security – the company takes security very seriously – it is regularly monitored and any unauthorized actions are identified. In addition, during the operation, the payment information of the bank card is not transferred to a third-party website – it remains in the system.
  4. Guarantees for buyers. After paying for the purchase using PayPal, the money is not transferred to the seller – it is frozen by the service. If there are any difficulties with the product or service, the funds will be returned to the buyer. Unscrupulous sellers are identified and blocked, so the fact that the store accepts PayPal for payment is highly likely to indicate its decency and reliability.

Thus, paypal is a familiar payment service that does not have prohibitive functionality, but offers very favorable conditions for users.


History of origin

The company was founded in 1998 and was originally called Confinity. The startup, which released security software for various gadgets, was created by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery. PayPal was created and launched on Confinity as a money transfer service in 1999. The launch was sponsored by John Malloy of BlueRun Ventures.

In March 2000, Confinity merged with, Elon Musk’s online banking company. Musk truly believed in the future of the financial transfer business that Confinity was developing. In October of the same year, Elon decided that would close all Internet banking projects and focus on the PayPal money transfer system. In the same month, Musk replaced Peter Teale as director of

In 2001, was finally renamed PayPal and began to expand so rapidly that an IPO decision was made a year later. The initial public offering raised $ 61 million.

Almost immediately after the IPO, a controlling stake was acquired by Ebay for $ 1.5 billion. More than 70% of auctions on Ebay accepted payment via PayPal, and approximately one in four auctions ended up being paid with EPS. The new payment method quickly became the mainstream among Ebay users and began to compete with PayDirect from Yahoo !, Google Checkout and BidPay from Western Union. All methods were closed in the coming years. On September 30, 2014, it was announced that PayPal would split from Ebay and become an independent company. On July 18, 2015 the branch was finalized.

On September 1, 2015, the peer-to-peer transfer platform PayPal.Me was launched. The service allows users to send a unique link to request a transfer via email, SMS or other means of messaging. The platform was launched in 18 countries: America, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Canada, Europa, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

General information about PayPal


Before starting the registration process, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the advantages and basic functionality of this payment service:

  • high level of security during transactions;
  • fast speed of transfers (in a matter of seconds);
  • the ability to link several bank cards and make purchases using several accounts;
  • availability of a cashback system that allows you to return up to 10% of the value of the goods;
  • many options for transferring money to other PayPal members;

Principle of operation

The PayPal payment system allows users to make purchases and money transfers, keeping their bank card details and other personal information secret. For organizations, the platform offers ready-made solutions for accepting online payments. The seller can integrate the payment module into the site or send the client an invoice for payment by email. The wallet number in the system is the email address: the method is fast and as secure as possible. The proceeds can be withdrawn from the PayPal account to the bank within a week.

Understanding how to work effectively with PayPal will save you time, money and hassle. No other system will provide free cash transfers, free cashing out, and six months transaction protection at the same time.

The platform earns money from the difference in currency rates if the account has permission for automatic currency exchange. EPS receives a percentage from the recipients of payments.

All that an ordinary buyer needs to do: register, confirm data, link bank plastic – and you can use the full range of services. The platform’s website is also available in European, all this can be done in 20 minutes.


What is PayPal used for

We have figured out what a share is, now we will analyze what it can be used for. Despite the presence of a large number of domestic analogues, Paypal remains extremely popular.

PayPal is used to pay for any purchases in online stores that accept it for payment. Foreign sites may not accept € and not cooperate with European electronic wallets, and then the user can only buy directly from a bank card. If you don’t want to distribute your payment information, you should use PayPal. You can also transfer funds from the internal balance and linked bank card to other users, or withdraw money to your bank account.

However, the above is not the main reason for European users to use the service. Most often, accounts are opened to purchase goods on sites such as Ebay. When buying on an American online auction through PayPal, the user receives significant benefits:

  1. No commission – the seller pays for it entirely. Additional fees may apply if it is necessary to convert € into another currency.
  2. Guaranteed receipt of goods of proper quality in a timely manner. If the seller breaks their promises, all the money spent will be returned to the buyer. For this purpose, after payment, the funds are not transferred, but are temporarily frozen.
  3. Additional guarantee after receiving the goods. If defects are found, you can partially return the money, and sometimes in full.

For those looking to sell, PayPal offers to open a merchant account. This is where the functionality for users from Europa ends, for other countries, for example, the USA, it is broader. But even this is enough to start using the service, at least for making purchases in foreign online stores.

Benefits of Paypal

  • The international nature of the system allows you to use its services everywhere, not only on the territory of the country, and regardless of your current location
  • The system interface is simple, understandable to the user, since it is enough to know only the recipient’s email address to make a transfer / purchase (the email address corresponds to the identifier in the ebay system)
  • The system is safe to use, and guarantees the safety of your card details, which is important in connection with the increase in cyber crimes
  • Paypal uses money when calculating, in contrast to the same webmoney service, which is calculated with the title units of the system

The main functions in the paypal system:

  • Possibility of making money transfers. Here we mean not only payment of bills, but also a transfer from a paypal account, payment card, account linked to paypal
  • Notification (request for payment). A kind of distribution of reminders for debtors, which contains a request for payment, for a user / group of users
  • Auction trading – tools. Includes payment reminder mailing lists and tools for auction winners

To register, you need to have a payment card (valid, on the balance of which is from $ 3), or a bank account, a valid email address (from popular services, it is best to use gmail). The requirements for plastic cards and issuing banks are best viewed in advance on the website of the paypal payment system.


PayPal in European – registration – step by step

1. Go to the official European-language page of the PayPal service at the link:


IMPORTANT : we describe the European-language version of PayPal. BUT the choice of the European language through the options is not available in all regions. For example, residents of Kazakhstan are offered only English, French, Spanish. That is why you need to use the direct link

Highlight the link, copy and paste into the address bar of your browser, go to the PayPal (RU) website. If you can’t switch to European, follow the screenshots – everything is clear here. Or use an online translator for web pages (add-on / plugin to your browser).

2. Click the “Register” button (in the center of the page or in the upper corner).

3. At the next step, we are offered to select the type of account. There are 2 options available:

– “Personal account” (for personal use, for transfers and receiving payments, for making purchases on the Internet – this is what we will register further);
– “Corporate account” (for companies, online stores, organizations, individual entrepreneurs, conducting commercial online activities).


We select the position “Personal account”, press the button “Continue”.

4. In the opened registration form, we need:

– choose the country of residence;
– specify the email address (which will become the Login for the subsequent login to the PayPal system);
– come up with and duplicate a complex password (we recommend remembering the password or writing it down so that there are no problems with authorization in the future).

After filling in these fields, click “Continue”.


5. The next step will require special care and accuracy, since the entered data must correspond to reality accurately. We strongly recommend that you fill in all fields of the registration form (including phone number, passport data) with real data, and not fictional.

The PayPal system is extremely demanding on security issues, and in case of the slightest controversial issues, a profile with fake data can be blocked. Accordingly, all funds on the deposit will also be unavailable.

In addition, the accuracy of the information entered will allow you to restore access to your PayPal wallets in case of problems with authorization or when your account is blocked. Using real data will probably save you a lot of troubles in the future, save time, money and frustration.


Note: all text fields must be filled in Cyrillic (for Europa). The appearance of the PayPal registration form may vary depending on our region of residence. In addition, the empty form fields already contain all the necessary tips to help you fill out the form correctly.

After filling in the fields:

– check the box / tick and agree with the “Regulations on registration”, “Privacy Policy”;
– press the button “Agree and create an account”.

IMPORTANT : if suddenly there are difficulties with adding a postal code or a city (the system often sees inconsistencies and slows down when working with the Australian countries), you can call the toll-free number 8-800-333-2676 and resolve problematic issues.

Note # 1: for the countries of the former Soviet Union (except Europa), the form can be filled out not in Cyrillic, but in Latin – this nuance is of great importance.

Note # 2: when entering captcha (check digits and letters from the picture), pay attention to the case of symbols. Uppercase and lowercase letters are two different things!

6. After entering your personal data, PayPal will prompt you to link your bank card immediately. This step does not raise questions and requires filling in only 3 fields:

– Bankcard number;
– card expiry date;
– CSC code (Card Security Code or CVV), which are located on the back of the plastic card (the last 3 digits located near the magnetic stripe).



You don’t need to link a bank card here, but skip this step. Moreover, we will consider this operation in detail later, we will perform the procedure from the Paypal personal account.

In any case, the registration process in the PayPal system can already be considered complete. From this moment on, we will be able to access your personal account, where we will deal with the profile settings and get acquainted with the main functions of the payment service. We enter Paypal’s office …

What you need to know about registration

Before connecting a foreign payment platform, you need to familiarize yourself with some rules and features:

  1. An individual can have only one account in the system. The exception is cases when one account is personal and the other is corporate.
  2. Withdrawal of money is possible only to an identified bank account, full name. the owner of which completely coincides with the full name. account owner.
  3. The account country is indicated only once – during registration. In the future, the information will be impossible to change. The country must be the same as the country indicated in the passport and the country where the bank card was issued.
  4. If the account is blocked due to violations of the rules, the money in the account will be frozen for six months. If during this time no one presents the rights to the funds, it will be possible to withdraw them to a bank account. If fictitious data was specified when creating an account, you will have to say goodbye to the money.
  5. You can close your PayPal account, but the process will take 8-10 months. Possible financial claims will be considered first for six months. If they are not there in six months or everyone is satisfied, the security service will give the go-ahead for the complete destruction of the account, which will take another two to six months.
  6. The user comes up with the PayPal password himself during registration. Letters and numbers must be present. You cannot use popular combinations such as qwerty and numeric series such as 5555, 9999, etc. Keep your password in a hidden place (email and social networks will not work).
  7. For registration, you cannot specify an email address on a free unreliable hosting. As a last resort, you should use Gmail or Yandex.Mail.


If the conditions are clear and satisfied with the user, it’s time to learn how to register with PayPal in Europa.

How to use PayPal in different countries

You should immediately warn that, despite the international status, in different countries PayPal electronic wallet has a different set of functions. How PayPal payment system works:

  • for some states, only the option of transferring money from a card is open without the possibility of receiving and storing funds;
  • in other countries, you can keep funds in your account, as well as use them for online purchases;
  • others allow both accepting payments and withdrawing finances to a card or bank account.

In particular, in Europa the full functionality of the payment system is open to Internet users. And PayPal in Crimea is completely blocked. Since 2015, the payment system has stopped serving users living on the territory of the peninsula. And in order to continue paying through your account, you have to take various tricks and tricks.

PayPal in Ukraine only allows you to send money from your card. Registration is possible, however, it is prohibited to receive funds to your account, and even more so to withdraw them. Some people manage to get around these conditions. And they open electronic wallets through the details of neighboring states.

Those who decide to open a PayPal account in Belarus will also face similar restrictions. It should also be borne in mind that not every bank card issued in the Republic will work with PayPal. Therefore, you should first familiarize yourself with the list of banks that make suitable credit cards.

However, not all countries of the post-Soviet space are forced to put up with such restrictions. For example, PayPal in Kazakhstan – wallet registration and monetary transactions – work in any direction. Here they freely transfer funds from one account to another, and also easily transfer the contents of their account to the card.

How to create PayPal without a passport if under 18

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to be of legal age to create a PayPal account and open an e-wallet. But even at this moment, eyes are often closed if the registration of a PayPal account is used only for personal payments via the Internet.

How to register with PayPal if not 18? Without a passport that indicates your age, creating a wallet is also possible. This is possible due to the fact that in the process of creating an account there is no need to upload copies of your documents to the website of the payment system. And when filling in personal data, instead of a passport number, they simply enter any numbers and a fictitious date of birth.

However, those who go for such a play should still be prepared for the fact that at any time their PayPal account may be blocked.

How to create an American PayPal wallet from Europa

Despite the fact that PayPal operates all over the world, some sellers, especially in the USA, are reluctant to ship their goods to buyers overseas. This can be associated with both unnecessary trouble and large commissions. Therefore, users often face the question of how to register American PayPal.

The first thing you need to register under the guise of an American is a US bank card. You don’t have to travel to the States to get it. From Europa, you can contact the Payoneer payment system. Their headquarters are in New York, but they do home card delivery worldwide.

When the American credit card is in hand, you can start creating an electronic wallet. But when you go to the site of the payment system, it automatically determines the geolocation of the user. To register an American PayPal from Europa, the main page of the web resource is scrolled down. Here in the lower right corner is a button in the form of your country’s flag.


By clicking on it, the user will see a list of countries for which registration in the payment system is open. Here they find the United States and follow this link.


This will redirect you to the US account creation form. Here they click on the button labeled “Sign Up”.


And then everything happens according to the same principle as when registering PayPal in European:

      • choose the type of account;
      • indicate email;
      • enter personal data in Latin;
      • bind a bank card.

A suitable address and postal code for registration is not difficult to find through the Google search engine. But it’s better if it’s real. In the future, it will need to be confirmed. All you need to do is register on the eBay online auction. He is the most unassuming when it comes to delivery. And after making a couple of purchases through it, PayPal will automatically confirm the address and no additional documents will be required.

PayPal wallet registration is a matter of a few minutes. It’s easy to deal with this on your own. If you intend to work through a payment system account for a long time, enter your real personal data when creating an account. But when you have to register through another country or without a passport, there are also loopholes for this.

Creation of a personal account

Account registration form.

To use the PayPal payment system, please, pre-register. Click the link “Open an account” on any page of the site. Select the type of account you want to create. There are only two options available – corporate and personal. Then carefully fill out the personal questionnaire.
Private clients should come up with a login and a strong password that protects the account from intruders. In addition, the service requests additional information – last name, first name, patronymic, residential address, name of the main currency. Legal entities additionally provide information about the company.

After completing the questionnaire, click “Agree and Continue”. The service will prompt you to confirm your account. Follow the instructions to complete the activation. After successful registration, you will have access to all the functionality of the payment system. If you have any difficulties, please contact support.

PayPal – login to your personal account – login form to the cabinet.

For authorization, you will need to provide credentials on the login page. The client’s login is the email address provided during registration. The password is a combination of symbols invented in advance. After completing the login form, click “Login”. You will be redirected to your profile.
It also provides a function to resume access. It allows you to get a new password to replace the lost one. You will need to specify your e-mail and pass identification by receiving a one-time code on your phone. After completing the steps described, set and save a new password.

PayPal account features

The main purpose of an account is to manage accounts. You can connect a private or corporate account. The first option is intended for personal use (shopping, P2P transfers). The second option is focused on entrepreneurship.

Through your personal account you can:

  • Edit personal data;
  • Pay for purchases;
  • Transfer funds to other system participants;
  • Accept money.

There is a convenient possibility to attach bank cards or accounts. Payments are made without transferring personal information, so the payment details are reliably protected. Transfers are made to the recipient’s email address or username.


Immediately after registration, the functionality of the Paypal wallet will be limited, the EPS will require the client to download scans of documents for verification. In the section with notifications (upper right corner) there will be a corresponding message and a link to the section through which documents are uploaded.

A passport is sufficient to confirm the identity. To confirm the address of residence, a visa, a temporary or permanent residence permit, a patent, a work permit – any document that indicates the current address of residence. Without verification, the benefits of PayPal are almost zero.

Unverified (or incompletely verified) accounts receive a number of restrictions:

  • with simplified verification, the account balance cannot exceed 60,000 €. (equivalent in other currency). The limit for one operation is 15,000 €, upon receipt of money there is always an automatic conversion into €. For a calendar month, the turnover on the account is limited to 40,000 €. For transfers to corporate accounts – up to 200,000 € / month;
  • with full identification, the limits for one operation and the permissible account balance are raised to 550,000 €.

PayPal e-wallet is also suitable for business. A corporate account allows you to use one account for 200 employees, connect special solutions for business.

What is PayPal account, account number and account id

Registering on the PayPal website and creating an electronic wallet are essentially the same thing. To create an account, you just need to enter your email address. Its address will also be the account number. Therefore, when you are asked to provide an address or wallet number, and you do not know what a PayPal account is, feel free to say the email specified during registration.

If you’re still at a loss in terms and don’t know what a PayPal account, account, or account is, don’t worry. All these definitions apply to all the same email. When you are asked to provide your account or the address of the account to which you want to transfer money, simply send the payer an e-mail.

So, we figured out how to specify the PayPal address. This is the same as the email through which the account was registered. You can change the address if necessary. Or add some new ones. This is done in your account through the “Settings” section.


It’s another matter when the address is about the user’s place of residence. It must be specified when registering in the system. In this case, enter the address where you can confirm your residence with some kind of document. It can be a passport, utility bill, bank statement, and the like.

Another term that may confuse a newbie is PayPal id, what is it and why is it needed? The peculiarity of this service is that it does not use separate identifiers for electronic wallets. And they do not assign special numbers, like WebMoney or Yandex.Money. PayPal id is the same email, or, in extreme cases, the mobile phone number that is linked to the box.

And we have just figured out how to find out the account number and id in the PayPal account. Just go to “Settings” and see your email address.

How to improve the safety of using Paypal?

Before using Paypal, we recommend that you maximize security:

  • enable 2-Step Verification . Each time you log into your account, in addition to entering a password, you will need to enter a code from an SMS message or use a smartphone application that generates a code;
  • indicate 2 secret questions , the answers to which are known only to you;
  • set a service pin code . This 6-digit number will be used to confirm transactions within the wallet (transferring funds to another Paypal wallet, withdrawing to a bank card, paying for a purchase in an online store);
  • for suspicious sites, you can revoke the issued permissions . You can also turn off the OneTouch feature in certain browsers and on certain devices, it allows you to automatically log in when you make a purchase in the online store.

Don’t forget about phishing, attackers can massively send fake PayPal emails to e-mail addresses in order to steal authorization data. Do not rush to follow the link in the letter, first go through the browser to your personal account and check the notifications in your personal account, check with technical support.

What transactions can be performed with a PayPal account

“Stick” is a multifunctional service that offers its users a wide range of services. So, with its help you can perform the following transactions by account number:

  • make purchases, for example, on eBay;
  • transfer money;
  • make online payments;
  • put a certain amount on the account;
  • pay receipts;
  • withdraw money;
  • manage finances;
  • replenish your account;
  • track receipts and so on.

You can find out more about the capabilities of the wallet on the official website of the service.

Personal account tab

Figure: 1. Go to the “Personal account”Personal account features

tab Fig. 2. Select “Personal Account Options” to learn how to use the payment system

Despite the fact that the service is American, PayPal works in European.


Making transfers in your PayPal account

To make a P2P transfer, open the Money Transfers page. Then select the required section and make the payment. Enter the recipient’s username or email address. Funds are transferred instantly. If the addressee is not registered in the payment system, a corresponding transfer notification will be sent to his mailbox. After registration, the recipient will be able to use the funds.

Also, the page “Money transfers” allows you to request funds to the account. Indicate the amount of money, the address of the counterparty and write a comment. Then click the “Submit” button. The user will receive a check and transfer the agreed amount to you.

Account opening is possible in several currencies. Conversion of money is carried out at the internal rate of the company. One currency always becomes the main currency. When monetary units other than open accounts arrive at the user’s account, an automatic exchange is carried out at the current rate. Funds are credited to the main account.

Corporate users can create invoices for services or goods. Receipt of money transfers is carried out by publishing the corresponding link on the page of the online store

Paypal wallet replenishment

As for how to replenish your PayPal wallet , you will not find the “Deposit money” button in your personal account. We’ll have to act in roundabout ways:

  • issue an invoice through your personal account, the terms of payment are indicated in the application, then the payer pays for it and the funds are in your wallet;
  • make a payment request from a friend using this EPS. In your personal account, select the item “Money transfers” and in it the option “Request”. You only need to specify the email or phone number of the person from whom you are asking for money and set the amount. Alternatively, you can create PayPal.Me, give a link to your profile to a friend, he will be able to follow it, and send money (neither email nor phone number is needed);
  • replenish the account in cash through Svyaznoy and Euroset stores. Regardless of the level of account verification with this method of replenishment, the limits of 15,000 € apply. for 1 transaction and 40,000 € / month With this scheme, funds are transferred to the Paypal account with the help of a partner “Rapida”. This method does not work for corporate accounts;
  • if there are no acquaintances, online exchangers will do (you can find the best one in the bestchange monitoring), which allow you to exchange money directly from bank cards and wallets of other EPS. The chain looks like this: money from your card is sent to the Paypal wallet exchanger, and from it – to your wallet. The course is unprofitable, due to such a scheme, you will lose about 8-10%.

To facilitate the work, it is advisable to link a bank card or account to an account immediately after registration and verification. This greatly simplifies the work with the wallet.

When linking a bank account, its number and BIK of the bank are indicated. In the case of a card, you must indicate its number, validity period. Not only Visa, MasterCard, but also Discover, AmericanExpress, Maestro are supported.

Not only real, but also virtual cards are linked to PayPal wallets. You can also issue cards of payment systems, for example, Qiwi, YandexMoney, WebMoney and link them to the Paypal wallet.

Upon confirmation, $ 1.95 (equivalent in other currency) is debited from the card , later it will be returned to the account. If the balance is insufficient, then it will not work to tie the plastic to the wallet. Sometimes problems can arise due to problems on the bank’s side. If you cannot link bank plastic, try a virtual card of another payment system or another bank.

Linking a card or bank account is convenient because after that you do not need to constantly keep money in your wallet. You can make purchases and send money with zero balance. In this case, PayPal acts as an intermediary, for example, when paying on the store’s website, authorization takes place in the EPS, a request is automatically sent to the bank, money is debited from the card and sent to the recipient in transit through your wallet.

PayPal may impose additional restrictions depending on the country you are a resident of. For example, it is still not possible for residents of Ukraine to receive money for the Paypal wallet, that is, it is impossible to fully use this EPS.

Ways to replenish PayPal account

There are several ways to top up PayPal. This can be done with:

  • linked bank card;
  • mobile phone bills;
  • electronic wallets;
  • online exchangers.

However, do not forget that only users from countries where this option is available can transfer money to your account.

When you need to put money on PayPal from a card, you must first link it to your account: add its details, and then confirm. After that, you need to issue an invoice to your bank card number. And pay for it, thereby sending money to the PayPal electronic wallet. But this is optional. If you have money on your credit card, you can pay with PayPal directly from your card balance.

There is no direct way to top up your PayPal account via phone. To transfer money to an electronic wallet from a mobile, you will have to use intermediaries. For example, such a service is provided by the web resource.

In addition, if you use your mobile operator’s bank card, its number can also be linked to your PayPal account. And use to pay for goods on the Internet.

There is also no obvious way to transfer money to PayPal from electronic wallets of other payment systems. Let’s see how to do this, using an example of how to top up PayPal through Qiwi. Two options are possible here:

  • using a Qiwi bank card;
  • through online exchangers.

A bank card is ordered on the website. Then it’s easy to figure out how to link qiwi to PayPal. To do this, in the “Account” section, click on the “Add card” button. And bind the details of the received bank card.

How to accept payments to a PayPal address

For those who do not know how to get money on PayPal, we will reveal a little secret. Money is automatically credited to the user’s account when someone sends it to him. You just need to give the payer your ID, that is, your email address.

There is one more way how to accept payments with PayPal. When you are waiting for a transfer, but it still does not arrive, a special option is provided that allows you to remind the payer of his obligations. To do this, open the section “Money transfers”. And here they switch from the “Submit” form to the “Request” page. And in it the PayPal address of your debtor is entered. And he, in turn, will receive a notification.

The only difficulty that a wallet owner can face is the limitation on limits. When the transfer amount exceeds the set limit, the payment will not be credited to the account. Then it is required to verify the account in order to eliminate this obstacle.

But that’s not all. To receive money from other users, the payment system launched such a service as What is this service and how to use it? With its help, anyone can create a payment link. By clicking on it, the payer will immediately go to the payment page. Enter the amount here and indicate the transfer currency. And then they confirm the payment in their wallet.

How to link a card for payment

We have already discussed how map binding works above. Another significant question is whether it is possible to link a credit card to an account? Yes, you can. To do this, you need to perform 2 elementary steps:

  • link the card first;
  • then confirm the card.

Before starting work, you need to carry out preparatory steps:

  • provide access to Internet banking;
  • connect SMS informing.

Make sure that all options are enabled in the bank.

  1. Click “Add card” (the procedure is similar to linking a debit card).
  2. Verify your card.
  3. An amount of approximately 60 € will be debited from the account. It will be credited to your wallet.
  4. Confirm the debiting.

There is no possibility to link the MIR card to the wallet yet due to the sanctions restrictions on the European payment system, so the MIR card cannot yet be linked.

What if the card is not linked? First you need to find out the reason. This may be due to user error or technical failure. Just try again later.

To connect PayPal to a Euro Bank card, follow the standard instructions for linking a card. In the same way, you can link a virtual Qiwi card.

How to link a bank account to an account to withdraw money

80% of European-speaking users register with PayPal to spend money. But there is also a certain percentage of entrepreneurs who successfully trade on Ebay and other platforms. For sellers, the issue of withdrawing earned money is relevant. The only available option is transfer to a bank account. Withdrawal to a card, phone, QIWI, WebMoney is not possible and is not planned in the future.

Attaching a bank account is carried out according to an algorithm similar to attaching a card:

  1. In the “Account” section, select the attachment of a bank account.


  1. After entering the necessary data, we agree with the binding. It is important to indicate the information exactly as in the official data of the bank. This also applies to punctuation. One incorrectly specified period or quotation marks may cause an operation to fail.


  1. Within a week, PayPal will send two control transfers to this account with amounts from 1 to 99 kopecks. They can be seen in the account statement in the online account.
  2. Both amounts in € will need to be entered to confirm the selected account in the “Account” section. Enter numbers carefully. If you enter incorrect data three times, instead of linking, the account will be blocked in PayPal. You will have to call the company and solve the problem on a personal basis.

After correctly entered checksums, the account will become officially linked, and the account will be verified. Money is withdrawn to the attached account free of charge.

You cannot use a savings account with PayPal. For a corporate account, you will need to print on paper and sign an order to add funds to this account, and send it to the specified address.

A European account cannot be linked to a US bank account.


How to withdraw money from PayPal wallet

Many are worried about where you can transfer money from PayPal, what percentage PayPal takes for the transfer and how to spend this money in general. The official and easiest way to withdraw funds from the Internet is to send them to a bank account. For this, the payment system is equipped with special functionality.

But besides this, there are other ways to cash out your electronic savings. How do I withdraw money from PayPal? With the help of intermediaries, this can be done:

  • to a bank card Euro Bank, Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff;
  • electronic wallets QIWI, Payeer, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money, Advanced Cash, Skrill, Neteller;
  • balance of mobile phones of some operators.

If you have a bank card linked, then there should be no problems with how to withdraw money from PayPal. You don’t even need a complicated instruction here. Just go to the “Account” section and click on the “Withdraw funds” link. Then you need to choose a card and enter the amount. It must be at least $ 10. But the money will go to the card in €.

By the way, you can transfer money from PayPal to a Euro Bank card in two ways:

  • via a linked card;
  • using the online exchanger and the Euro Bank-online service.

In the second case, it is not necessary to link the card to PayPal.

When you are wondering how to withdraw from PayPal to a bank account, then in this case, too, you should not worry too much. It also needs to be linked to your wallet. And then select “Bank account” among the withdrawal options. By the way, this method is more profitable than through a card, because it does not require paying a commission for the transfer service.

It may seem that the withdrawal of money from PayPal to electronic wallets is impossible. However, it is not. There are many loopholes through which this exchange is made.

Let’s look at how to transfer money from PayPal to QIWI. Similarly to the method with Euro Bank, money is sent to Qiwi either through an attached VISA card, or using virtual exchange offices. Bank card and Qiwi wallet have a single balance. Therefore, by sending money to VISA, the user will automatically receive it to his wallet.

Yandex wallet also has the function of issuing a bank card. MasterCard is issued here. Therefore, the surest answer to the question of how to transfer from PayPal to Yandex.Money is to order a credit card. Then its binding and confirmation. And you can transfer finances freely.

But this method also does not exclude the exchange of PayPal for Yandex.Money through virtual exchange offices. And a reliable monitoring site will help you find a service with a profitable rate.

It is not difficult to make a profitable exchange of PayPal to WebMoney through the web resource. An important condition in this case is that to use the service, you will need to obtain a WebMoney user certificate not lower than a personal level.

A big disappointment for many was the fact that in the personal account there is no way to transfer money from PayPal to the phone. Therefore, for such purposes, you also have to look for intermediaries:

  • withdraw money to the card, and from there to the mobile balance;
  • send funds to a friend to his PayPal address, and in return ask them to dump money on your phone;
  • use the services of virtual exchangers.

There are also sites that provide just such a service as transferring money from various electronic wallets to a phone account. But there are not many of them. In particular, you can pay for a mobile phone with PayPal through the web resource.

PayPal fees

When using Paypal wallet, the commission is influenced by the type of currency and the type of operation. For example, in Europa, purchases are not subject to a commission (if they are made in €). But if, when paying for the goods, conversion is needed, then the EPS will take 4% over the exchange rate, this will be a commission.

For personal transfers:

  • 0% commission only if the transfer is made from the balance on the PayPal account and only if the money is transferred within the country;
  • if the transfer is made using a bank card within Europa, then each transaction is subject to a commission of 3.4% + 10 €;
  • for international payments, an additional commission of 0.4-1.5% is introduced (depending on the country where the payment will go). When using a bank card, this fee is added to the standard commission of 3.4% + 10 €.

If you are online and use PayPal to accept payments from buyers, the fees will be different:

  • if both the seller and the buyer are in Europa, the commission fee will be no more than 3.9% of the amount + 10 €;
  • with an increase in sales, the commission may decrease to 2.9% + 10 €. per transaction. The size of the commission is tied to the monthly sales volume, up to 300,000 € / month. – 3.9% + 10 €., 300,000- 750,000 € / month – 3.7% + 10 €, 750,000-1500,000 € / month – 3.4% + RUB, over RUB 1,500,000 / month – 2.9% + 10 €.

In general, commissions are at the level of other payment systems. When making transfers within the country, PayPal bypasses the local EPS, in which the commission is kept regardless of whether the payment is made within the country or outside of it.

PayPal Buyer Protection

Unlike other EPS, the Paypal wallet helps its users to receive compensation if the purchased product turns out to be defective or does not match the description. After proving his case, the buyer receives full compensation for the purchase price.

For this you need:

  • open a dispute through the Problem Resolution Center within 180 calendar days from the date of payment;
  • after opening a dispute, there are 20 days left to translate the dispute into a claim;
  • provide documentary evidence of your innocence. In addition to the purchase price, you can also receive compensation for delivery. To do this, you need to submit a request within 14 calendar days after sending the goods to the seller.

The program does not apply to purchases of vehicles, industrial equipment, real estate.

Features of PayPal account for online business

If you are going to not only buy, but also sell your goods on the Internet, you will be interested in familiarizing yourself with the special features of PayPal for business. First of all, you need PayPal express. What is this function? It allows you to place an express payment button for customers on your online store. To get it, you need to upgrade your account to corporate.

For those entrepreneurs who do not want to indicate their email on the marketplace, there is another solution – the merchant code in PayPal. What it is? Just an identifier by which the service will transfer money to you for the goods sold. You can find your merchant code on the payment system website in your personal profile settings.

Another handy fundraising feature is PayPal donations. With its help, they organize fundraising for good deeds. But you can also get this option only after registering a Corporate Account, but as a non-profit organization.

Connection for online stores

How do I use PayPal for online stores? In the same way as a private person – to open an account, link a corporate card to it. Companies undergo fairly stringent checks – for registration they will need not only to indicate personal information, but also to download a complete list of statutory documents, a certificate of state registration (the procedure is identical to opening an entrepreneur account in a regular bank). Please note that in this case only corporate accounts are linked to PayPal – you will not be able to attach an individual’s card.


The electronic payment system reserves the right to request additional documents. On average, the connection for an online store takes one week. There are limits on the amounts that an organization can keep on an account within the system – their size depends on the client’s identification status. Funds that exceed the allowed amount are automatically sent to the virtual store bank account attached to the system. Commissions are fixed and taken for one transaction – 2.9-3.9% of the purchase amount + 10 € for each operation, there is no monthly service fee.

In principle, such a variety is useless, since most foreign Internet services freely accept payments in €. Conversion in this case is carried out directly in the store, on the side of the buyer’s bank or on the side of the PayPal system. To use a payment from a smartphone, we recommend installing a special application.

How to verify a bank account for payment

To use the full functionality of the service, you must add and confirm a bank account with PayPal.

To add a bank account to PayPal:

  • in your personal account, click “Account”;

    Figure: 16. The service works through the “Account” option

  • select “Add” in “Bank accounts”;

    Figure: 17. How to add an invoice for payment

  • enter the details of the bank account (BIK, account number) and click “Continue”.

    Figure: 18. Finishing adding an invoice for payment

Attention! Be careful when adding bank account details. You should enter your own personal account, not a card account.

After you complete the work on adding an account, the service will send a token amount to it, which will be reflected in the statement.

Bank Account Verification allows you to withdraw funds from your account.

To confirm your account, you should:

  1. In the “Account” category, select the required account and its number.
  2. Enter the amount of transfers credited to the account that the system made automatically.
  3. Click “Confirm”.

PayPal – mobile app


The payment system has developed a convenient application that allows you to make transfers, monitor the balance, pay for services and perform many other actions. The functionality of the mobile program is completely similar to your personal account. A significant advantage is receiving Push notifications.

Disable personal account

The payment system provides customers with the ability to deactivate an account. Please note that it is impossible to reopen the account. All completed or pending payment transactions are cleared. The account cannot be deleted if the accounts have a positive balance or active claims.
To delete an account, follow several steps:

  • Visit the cabinet;
  • Open the “Profile” section (click the gear icon);
  • Click on “Close Account”.

How to delete an account

If for some reason you need to delete your PayPal account, this can be done quickly and easily. Follow these guidelines to quickly delete your wallet number:

  1. On the taskbar, select the “motor” symbol (“Settings”) to delete the wallet.

    Figure: 25. Click “Settings” to delete your account

  2. Below the “Account parameters” window, select the “Close account” option.

    Figure: 26. To delete your PayPal account, click “Close account”

  3. Click “Close” to delete the account.

    Figure: 27. Click “Close Account” to completely delete the wallet

Thus, you will delete the account number permanently without the possibility of its restoration.

Thus, deleting your number is easier than registering it.

If you have already used PayPal’s capabilities to send or receive transfers, or for any other purpose (for example, output), share your experience in the comments.

Through the “Stick” you can perform a wide range of operations, however, the interface of this service has its own errors. So, it is not clear how to use many functions.

PayPal reviews

For the opportunity to buy goods on foreign online platforms PayPal in Europa, he received good reviews. At the same time, many users are unhappy with the fact that the account can suddenly be blocked. And it is extremely difficult to contact technical support.

If you choose which is better – PayPal, Yandex.Money or WebMoney, then you practically cannot do without an American payment system for online shopping abroad. And for other purposes on the territory of the European and other post-Soviet countries, WebMoney and Yandex wallet are still more suitable.

If a user moves to another country, changes citizenship or surname, he will surely face the question of how to delete a PayPal account and close the account. This is a direct recommendation from the international payment system. To go through this procedure, open the profile settings of your personal account. For this there is a special link “Close account”. After that, it is not a problem to register another wallet again using new documents.

Tips for making the best use of the system

You can save money by turning off the conversion. The conversion performed by the bank, not PayPal, will differ in a beneficial way for the user and will exclude cases of double conversion:

  1. In the settings section, available by clicking on the gear, you need a subsection “Payments”. In it, you need to click the “Manage pre-approved payments” button.
  2. In the lower left column of the page that opens, you need to find the “Manage automatic payments” hyperlink.
  3. You need to open the “Specify available funding sources” hyperlink in the lower right corner.
  4. Opposite the selected card, you need to click on “Conversion options”.


  1. In the menu that opens, select the item with invoicing in the currency specified in the seller’s invoice.


This simple operation will allow all future purchases to be made at the current rate of the Central Bank, and not at the invented by PayPal.

If the merchant is unwilling to expose the email, the merchant’s PayPal code can be used to receive the transfer. The code is automatically generated when creating an account. The sender of the transfer can specify it instead of the mailbox. You can find it in the “Account” section of the settings. To copy to the clipboard, you need to double-click on the code.

To receive payment, create your own page for receiving payments. The service allows you to quickly create a link to a ready-made payment page for your account. Useful for freelancers, business and personal purposes. You just need to log into the service, having previously logged in on the main PayPal page:

  1. We fill the profile with the necessary information so that visitors can easily recognize the user.


  1. We evaluate the result and create a profile.


  1. Now you can share the link to your personal payment page with clients or acquaintances. If you want to change something, you can go to “Profile Management”.


The pitfalls of using a Paypal wallet

Despite the convenience and ease of use, the system has disadvantages, knowing which will help save money and nerves:

  1. Traders of expensive digital content cannot actually count on the protection of the transaction, since the buyer can easily claim that he did not receive the goods. Even after presenting various evidence (screenshots from the exchange, personal accounts), PayPal usually makes a decision in favor of the buyer.
  2. Usually the system commission is paid by the party receiving the payment. There are cunning sellers who refuse to do it. In this case, the system will withdraw money from the buyer. For a $ 180 purchase, you will have to pay an additional $ 9.9 commission. Before confirming payment, you should carefully read the terms and conditions and refuse unfair charges.
  3. When making overseas purchases, the conversion of € into dollars will be carried out at an extortionate rate. This is one of two main ways to make money on the PayPal platform. You can disable system conversion in your account settings: the conversion will be carried out by the client’s bank at the current exchange rate of the Central Bank.
  4. PayPal does not operate in Crimea due to sanctions against Europa.
  5. You can withdraw money only to your personal bank account. If during registration the user entered a fictitious name and surname, it will not work to attach a bank account and withdraw money from the account.
  6. Fraudsters regularly send emails to users of the platform, very similar to official PayPal emails. Regardless of the content, the essence always comes down to one thing: you need to follow the link and enter the data from your account. Thus, access to the account from which funds are withdrawn to the accounts of the fraudsters are stolen.


Users should be careful when working with PayPal, as with any other financial platform. Most of the pitfalls can be circumvented at the registration stage.

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