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Unlike the transfer to other wallets, the local function of transferring money to the card is, well, too dreary and confusing (+ high commission). I will not use this method and would rather turn to BestChange, everything is much simpler there and the commissions are lower.

The translation came quickly, literally in an hour. The person transferred money to my Euro Bank card through Tinkof Bank, and also sent a chat message next to the application.


Please note: WebMoney has a famously hidden function of transferring to a card, which I stumbled upon by accident: https://telepay.webmoney.ru/ru/cards

What’s the point – just drive in the card number, indicate the amount and send it to the card.


There are two main translation options here:


  • With a commission 2.5% + 40 €. per operation (the limit on the transfer amount is 14.500 €, if you need more, then just make several transfers);
  • With a commission at a reduced rate of 2% (limit on the amount up to 90,000 €).


Naturally, we will consider the second option, since it is more profitable.

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Transfer to a bank card through exchange sites

On the BestChange website, select a bank in the “Receive” column (for example, “Euro Bank”).


Next, select the appropriate site:


And just like when transferring to other electronic systems, we fill out an application, indicating the details and amount:


We pay for the application and wait for the money to arrive on the card. The lead time depends on the bank. For example, when transferring to Euro Bank, the money went on average 1-3 days.

If you want to transfer money to a bank card, then this method is the best choice. The minimum commission (0.8% – the built-in WebMoney commission + about 0.5% the commission of the service itself (set by the administration)), the ease of creating an application is in every way better than the built-in WebMoney function.

How to convert currency

In WebMoney, you can operate with several currencies at the same time, and sometimes you need to convert one to another. This will help us:

  1. Internal exchanger WebMoney;
  2. Third party exchange sites.

Let’s convert € (WMR) to dollars (WMZ).

Internal exchanger WebMoney

Select the WMR wallet and click on the button with two arrows (exchange):


Choosing currencies. We give WMR and receive WMZ. With this translation, the rate is 1 WMZ = 68.97 WRM (needed for further comparison).


If everything is ready, click on “Ok” and confirm the operation in the next window:


The status of the wallets has changed, and a corresponding entry has appeared in the “New operations” column:


Third party exchange sites

Visit the BestChange website and select convertible currencies. On exchange sites, you can choose only three currencies – WMR, WMZ, WMU.


And get acquainted with the tariffs (compare with what I have highlighted above). There are two options:


  • If the tariff on the site is lower than on the official exchanger, then it is better to use it. As you can see, on the “Exchange” website, the rate is 0.37 € lower, so when exchanging currency I will choose it;
  • If higher, it is logical to use the official exchanger.


Currency exchange on such sites does not differ from what I described earlier. We also fill in the fields, indicating the details and amount, and confirm the payment:


How to withdraw (cash out) funds

I work on the Internet, and part of my salary comes to WebMoney. But in order to use electronic money in real life, I have to withdraw it. There are several ways to withdraw, and we will cover each in this paragraph.

Let’s say we want to withdraw WMR €. Select a suitable wallet, and in the window that appears, click on “Withdraw”:


Next, a drop-down menu will appear with output methods:


What we have:


  • To a bank card / account. You can transfer webmoney to any card or bank account, and then cash out from there through an ATM or by card to pay for purchases.
  • To an electronic wallet. See “To another system wallet” above. How do I do – I transfer WebMoney to Yandex.Money, and then use a Yandex.Money card to cash out at ATMs or to pay through terminals in stores. What is Yandex.Map, you can learn from the article What is Yandex.Money, how to create a Yandex.Wallet and how to use it .
  • Buy a prepaid card. This option will take us to the internal WebMoney store (market), which I mentioned at the beginning of the article. That is, it is proposed to convert money into some virtual product (games, e-books, programs, etc.). You can also convert € to a card, but the tariffs here are extremely unprofitable.



They also offer additional methods:

Find places nearby

Choosing this method will open a page with reference information about various WebMoney points (exchanger, post offices, replenishment / withdrawal points) in European cities.


When you click on “Withdrawal points” you will see the addresses of these points and what can be done. For instance:


At this point, you can withdraw WMR, WME, WMZ in cash, but with a commission. Unfortunately, such places are not available in all cities of Europa, mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

other methods

When you click on this button, you will see a list of all withdrawal methods:


And this is just a list of ways, some of which I described above. The whole point of previously not considered methods (Money Transfer, Bank Transfer, Postal Transfer) comes down to a simple filling of the application. For example, for Postal Order, the application looks like this:


Which withdrawal method is more profitable?

I decided to move all the ways to display them in a separate table and compare the commission:


Way Commission
To a bank card / account From 2% without intermediaries, from 7% with intermediaries
To the Yandex.Money electronic wallet Directly – no commission. They can also pay you extra through exchangers.
Postal transfer 55 RUB + 2%
Through exchange offices Varies depending on the item, on average 2-3%


I withdraw money through Yandex Card. Through the exchanger I transfer them to Yandex.Wallet, and already with the help of the card I withdraw from the ATM. You can withdraw from Yandex.Maps up to 10,000 € per month without commissions. With the rest of the money I pay for goods and purchases, while receiving cashback . In my opinion, this is the most profitable way.

About bank cards WebMoney

As in any bank, on the WebMoney website you can order a debit card and use it in everyday life: withdraw money from an ATM, pay for purchases in stores, and so on. The WebMoney Cards service is responsible for this .

On the WebMoney website you can order:

  1. Debit (plastic) card;
  2. A virtual card (it can be linked to Apple pay or Google pay and pay for any purchases in stores).

How to get a plastic WebMoney card

Unfortunately, it is not very profitable for European WebMoney users to get a plastic card, because it operates with dollars (USD) and euros (EURO), and not with €.


At the time of this writing, the service produces the following plastic cards:


  • PaySaprk USD MasterCard (replenishment from WMZ wallet, currency – dollars);
  • PaySpark EUR MasterCard (top-up from WME wallet, currency – euro).


You can order such a card using this link . However, you must fulfill certain conditions, namely:

  1. Have at least a formal passport;
  2. Upload utility bill.

If you have not done something, the service will remind you of this:


If everything is ok, you will be asked to choose a card and fill out an application. Delivery is carried out by post. Please note that the issuance fee is $ 12 .

As a result, you will receive an envelope with a card and activation instructions. After activation, the card will be displayed in your WebMoney, and you can replenish it from other wallets and convert currency if necessary.

How to get a virtual Visa and MasterCard. Advantages and disadvantages

If plastic cards are not very convenient for European WebMoney members, then a virtual card solves this problem. It provides the full functionality of a plastic card, but is securely stored on the Internet. The virtual card also has a number, expiration date and cvv code. It can be used both for payments on the Internet and for contactless payments in offline stores.

There is only one card available – KKB Virtual (currency – €, replenishment from a WMR wallet). Getting it is quite simple – let’s look at an example.

For registration, go to the WebMoney Cards service , select “Virtual cards” -> “Order a card”:


On the next page, put a checkmark in front of two items (1) and click “Confirm” (2). Please note that your ruble account must have 50 € (commission for issuing a card, further servicing is free):


We pay for the card like any other purchase:


Immediately after payment in the WebMoney Cards service, your virtual card will appear in the “My cards / orders” section:


But it takes a little time (1-2 minutes) for it to activate. The process is automatic. After refreshing the page, we will receive an activated map:


Which has a 16-digit number, just like the physical medium. The card details will be additionally sent in an SMS message to your number:


By clicking on the stripes on the right, additional options will appear:


What’s interesting here:


  • Operation history – card credits / expenses;
  • Withdraw to wallet – transfer of funds from a card to a WMR wallet;
  • Details (number, validity period);


  • Code word . Additional protection for the card. By default, the code word is a set of numbers, but you can come up with your own combination or word;


  • Do not display in keeper . Hide the map display in the Keeper program for a computer or phone.


Now, if you look into the WebMoney application for your phone, you will find the card in the list of wallets:


And below you will see instructions for adding a card to Google Pay:


That is, you can pay with this card in stores and terminals, and not only in online stores! The only drawback is that there is no cashback.

Advantages and disadvantages of WebMoney. Personal experience of use

I have been using the WebMoney wallet for quite a long time, for 5 years (from the moment I started making money on the Internet). This wallet never let me down – payments were rarely delayed, there were no break-ins. Surprisingly, even at the age of 15 I managed to easily replenish my wallet, since even in a small town there were terminals and ATMs with WebMoney replenishment function.

Now I am 21 years old and I am still an active user of the wallet. I mainly use it as a salary – I get money from work on the Internet and transfer it to Yandex, and from there I withdraw from an ATM.

I would like to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the system that I have noted.



  • The main plus is internationality. WebMoney is an international system, and in this it fully justifies itself. I mean the abundance of currencies with which you can operate.



A couple of simple examples when I needed dollars. For a while, I made money on YouTube through the Air affiliate program, which paid out rewards in dollars. And, of course, only for WMZ.

The second example is an order from foreign stores. Some of them only accept dollars.



  • Simplicity. WebMoney is really convenient to use – all the necessary information is displayed on one page. Payment in stores is also straightforward;
  • Reliability. As you remember, to identify the wallet, you need to upload passport scans. This may seem dangerous to many, but for several years my account has not been hacked, and even more so there have been no database leaks in the system.
  • Prevalence . WebMoney has its roots in many countries, and therefore in almost all online stores you can pay using this wallet.
  • A wide range of services. You can pay utility bills, traffic fines, food, air tickets and more.
  • Fair exchange rate. As we have seen in one of the points of the article, WebMoney does not overvalue the exchange rate.


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  • Many playmers start using WebMoney , as this system is easy to use;
  • Blocking wallets. Personally, I have not come across this, but I learned from the Internet that WebMoney is merciless in this matter. If the wallet is blocked – 80% that you will not receive it back;
  • The need to provide passport data. Without obtaining a formal certificate, you will not be able to use all the functionality of the service. For some, this will be a reason not to use WebMoney, but, again, there is nothing dangerous in this.
  • Difficulty restoring access in case of loss of any data . For example, if you lost the SIM card to which your wallet is tied, along with it you lose access to using your money. To change the linked number in this case, you need to come personally to the WebMoney office (and they are not available in all even large cities). Or you will need a notarized statement, which must be sent by regular mail (not e-mail). Notary services are paid (signature certification – about a thousand €), in addition, all this takes a lot of time.


Question answer

WMZ (vmz) what is this currency


Webmoney Transfer what is it

Webmoney (webmoney) is the abbreviated name of the entire system, which is fixed in the language use of Internet users. Webmoney Transfer is the full name of the webmoney system, in which all monetary transactions and user protection take place. Just pronouncing two words is harder than one, which is why people usually use short web money.

The specified parameters do not correspond to the member of the wmid system – I am trying to withdraw money through the exchanger, but when filling out the form, I get such an error, what am I doing wrong?

This error most likely means that you made a mistake when entering data or indicate someone else’s data. If you withdraw money to a card, then the card data must match your full name in the webmoney system.

What can be paid using webmoney in Europa?

Yes, practically everything. Telephone, internet, housing and communal services, taxes, fines. And if you issue a virtual card and link it to Google Pay, Apple Pay or any other contactless payment system, you can make purchases in cafes, restaurants, and regular stores. In general, wherever a bank terminal is installed.


You will definitely need WebMoney if you decide to make money on the Internet and work remotely. WebMoney is one of the most popular electronic money systems. Competition it up only Yandex Money and in some moments POISON provides more favorable conditions, for example, can each month to cash without commissions 10,000 €. at any ATM, as well as issue a plastic card that can be used to pay in shops, cafes and also receive cashback for it.

In ordinary life, a WebMoney wallet is not so necessary. It is more profitable to pay for purchases on the Internet and in ordinary stores with bank cards with cashback. Also, I have always disliked the complexity of the system. Nevertheless, the e-wallet is absolutely free, so its presence will not be superfluous.

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