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Sign up with Payoneer . How to withdraw money from Upwork, Freelancer, AirBnb, Amazon, Depositphotos to Payoneer? How to withdraw money from Payoneer card in Ukraine, Europa, Belarus, Kazakhstan?

Payoneer is an international payment system that has great capabilities. It allows you to:

  • For freelancers – withdraw funds from most international freelance exchanges such as Upwork, Freelancer, TopTal, 99designs.
  • For Companies and Freelancers – Accept payments from foreign companies and clients through the “Payment Request” and the Global Payment Service.
  • For users of such popular services as Airbnb, Amazon, iStock, Depositphotos – attach a card to an account to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • For the owners of their cards – keep money in dollars / euros, withdraw money from most ATMs in the world, pay for purchases with a card in online stores and through the terminal, accept payments from foreign customers.

Link to register with Payoneer.

The registration process using our link must be completed continuously from start to finish. If for some reason you interrupted the registration, start it by clicking on our link from the very beginning.

In this article, we have collected and combined all the most relevant information about the payment system. Let’s look at each of the points in detail.

Payoneer registration. How to register with Payoneer. Referral link.

Previously, it was possible to choose the type of account “Payoneer card”, or “Direct to local bank”. In the first case, you were immediately sent a card, in the second, you entered the data of the local bank account during registration. At the moment, when you register, you definitely need to specify the details of your local bank account and then you can dozakazat card Payoneer and enjoy it. We recommend that you always reorder it, as it allows you to use even more benefits that Payoneer has.

With regard to the reasons for this innovation – Payoneer explains this by the fact that you can immediately use your account without waiting for a card. Payoneer also assures that your data is not transferred anywhere and is kept confidential in the system. In this case, you can still order a personal Payoneer card in your account and use it exclusively and not use a bank account. The entered data does not require verification, but we do not recommend entering fake data, as a result, this may lead to sanctions from Payoneer.

The registration process itself consists of filling out several forms in which you will need to indicate your name, surname, mail, as well as enter the details of an identity document (passport, foreign passport, license). You will also need to enter your address, to which you will receive your card upon reordering. Be careful to enter it correctly, because if you make a mistake, the card may not reach you.

We have described the registration process step by step with screenshots in our separate article: Payoneer – registration in the system.

We recommend registering with Payoneer only through our referral link . If you do this, when you withdraw the first $ 1000 to your account, you will also receive a free $ 25 bonus . In order to get it, you need to complete the registration process and order the card continuously . If for some reason you interrupted the registration, start it by clicking on our link from the very beginning.

Payoneer card. How to order and activate?

As mentioned above, you can re-order your Payoneer card after registration. To do this, you first need to have a minimum amount of $ 30 credited to your account. To reorder the card, you will have an additional button in the menu:

How to order a Payoneer card

During the registration process you fill in the card delivery address. But here, after clicking the button, you can change it if needed:


The card should come to you by mail within 2-3 weeks, depending on the region. If more than a month has passed and the card has not yet arrived, you can write to support and ask to send you a new card.

When the letter with the card has finally arrived, you must activate it. To do this, go to your account and click the “Activate” button.

After that, you will need to enter the 16-digit card number and come up with a pin code for it and you’re done.

When the card is activated, you can set up its funding from your Payoneer account. It is possible to disable its replenishment so that the funds remain on the account of the payment system, or you can allow its instant replenishment when funds enter your account. You can change your choice at any time (open / close the transfer of money to the card).


Where and how to withdraw money from Payoneer Europa.

In Europa, you can withdraw at ATMs and at the bank’s cash desk. It is more profitable at ATMs, since there is an additional commission at the bank’s cash desk. You can withdraw both dollars / euros and € at the conversion rate. The most popular ATMs: UniCredit, CityBank, RaiffeisenBank. For more information about which banks and ATMs are most profitable to withdraw and where and what conditions, read our separate article:

Withdraw money from Payoneer in Europa in dollars and €.

Where and how to withdraw money from Payoneer Ukraine.

In Ukraine, you can withdraw from ATMs only at the conversion rate in hryvnia. Among the most popular are Ukrsibbank, PrivatBank, RaIFFeisen. You can try to withdraw in dollars at the bank’s cash desk. You can also withdraw funds directly to the PrivatBank card by linking it to an account in the payment system. At the ATMs of which banks the best conditions, as well as at the cash desks of which banks can issue dollars to you, read our separate article for Ukraine:

Withdraw money from Payoneer in Ukraine in dollars and hryvnia.

Where and how to withdraw money from Payoneer Belarus.

There are many ATMs in Belarus that will be able to give you dollars from your Payoneer card . Among them are BelGazPromBank, IdeaBank, MTB Bank and others. At the cash desk of some banks, you can also withdraw dollars, but with an additional commission. It is less profitable to withdraw in European €, since the exchange rate is often very low. What conditions (commissions, limits, conversion rate) in which banks and ATMs for withdrawing funds from Payoneer in Belarus can be found in our separate article:

Withdraw money from Payoneer in Belarus.

Where and how to withdraw money from Payoneer Kazakhstan.

In ATMs of Kazakhstan, you can withdraw both dollars and tenge. For withdrawals from Payoneer in dollars, ATMs such as KazkommertsBank, UniCredit, ABN-Amro are suitable. For withdrawal in tenge, BTA Bank is well suited, which has a high transaction limit, but at the same time not a very profitable conversion rate. For more information about the conditions of these ATMs, as well as all other methods of withdrawing funds from a card in Kazakhstan, read our separate article:

Withdraw money from Payoneer in Kazakhstan.

Withdraw money from Payoneer to PrivatBank.

As mentioned above, for citizens of Ukraine there is an opportunity to withdraw funds from their account to the PrivatBank card directly. For this you need:

  • Link bank account to account
  • Bank account / card must be in the same name as your Payoneer account.

The account is linked in the “Withdraw” -> “To bank account” menu. The account will be added within 7 working days, after which the withdrawal will become available. The conversion rate for this method is often better than at ATMs. Read about this, as well as more details about using and connecting withdrawals to a bank account in the section of our article:

Withdraw money from Payoneer to PrivatBank directly.

How to pay with Payoneer card online and in stores.

The Payoneer card is a regular MasterCard issued by banks that partner with Payoneer. You can use it to pay in most online stores that support card payments. To do this, you just need to enter the card details – card number, CSC / CVV code, etc. The system has a limit on payments in online stores: 30 transactions for a total amount of no more than $ 7500 per day.

You can also pay with a card in stores directly through the terminal of banks that work with MasterCard. The conversion will take place at the rate set by the bank. At the same time, you will not pay additional commissions.

Why Payoneer is the best way to withdraw money from Upwork.

Not long ago, Upwork removed Skrill from its withdrawal methods due to a deteriorating customer experience. A new withdrawal method was also added – Direct to Local Bank , but from the Australian countries it is still available only for Europa. These methods have been added to the already existing Payoneer, PayPal, Wire Transfer.

Using Wire Transfer entails a lot of potential paperwork and high fees. And given the fact that in a number of countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, PayPal does not work for withdrawing funds – for these countries, Payoneer has actually become the only way to withdraw money from Upwork.

In addition, Payoneer has a number of advantages over PayPal, the speed of crediting funds to the card, the ability to store and withdraw currency in dollars, and there is no need to declare income.

This is described in more detail in our comparison article for ways to withdraw money from Upwork:

Withdraw money from Upwork. Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Wire Transfer.

How to withdraw money from Upwork to a Payoneer card.

First, you need to register with Payoneer, receive and activate your personalized card. We recommend registering using our referral link . This will give you the opportunity to receive a $ 25 bonus when you withdraw your first $ 1000 from Upwork. The registration process using our link must be completed continuously from start to finish. If for some reason you interrupted the registration, start it by clicking on our link from the very beginning.

To withdraw funds, you need to connect Payoneer in the Upwork withdrawal methods. To do this, go to Settings -> Get Paid -> Payment Methods -> Add Method.


Choose Payoneer and click “Set Up”. The billing account must be in the same name as the Upwork account. Please note that the linking occurs to an account in the payment system, and not to your card. This is convenient, since when you reissue a card, you do not have to change or reconfigure anything. Money is credited within two days, but you can pay an additional $ 2.5 for instant crediting.

How to withdraw money from to Payoneer.

As in the previous point, you need to have an existing Payoneer account. We register with Payoneer, order a personalized card, receive and activate it. Previously, in order to use your card for withdrawals, you had to connect the “Freelancer Debit Card” withdrawal method. But recently, this inference method has become unavailable for some users. And as representatives of the exchange itself told us, it will soon be completely removed from withdrawal methods for all users.

Now, to withdraw funds from to Payoneer, you need to use the “Express Withdrawal” withdrawal method. To do this, go to your account at and point to the button with the balance and select the Withdraw Money option in the drop-down menu  .


On the page that opens, select  Express Withdrawal . There we enter the withdrawal amount and fill in all the required fields with data that we take from the Global Payment Service of our account. The account in the payment system must be on the same person as the account on the exchange. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 30.

The process is described in more detail in our article:

Withdrawal from Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Wire Transfer, Express Withdrawal

Withdraw money to Payoneer or PayPal. Payoneer Benefits.

Payoneer, in our opinion, is a more profitable payment system as it has many more advantages over PayPal than disadvantages. The main advantages of Payoneer over PayPal:

  • The presence of a personal card.
  • Ability to withdraw funds from most ATMs in the world
  • The ability to store and withdraw currency in dollars, euros, etc.
  • No need to declare income.
  • Possibility to pay by card in online stores that do not support PayPal.

Read about the benefits of Payoneer in our separate article:
Payoneer Card. Benefits, withdrawal of money for freelancers.

Having a personal card provides many advantages. You do not need to link a local bank card, convert currency, wait several business days for the money to be credited to the card. Along with this, Payoneer has a couple of minor flaws:

  • Annual maintenance fee.
  • A small number of card replenishment options.

The commission is small, and it can be covered by our $ 25 bonus, which you will receive after registering using our partner link and withdrawing the first $ 1000 to the card.

Payoneer fees, limits and rates.

After ordering the card, it will come to you for free. Further, the payment system has the following conditions:

  • Card maintenance costs $ 29.95 per year. The money will be withdrawn only if this amount is available on the account balance. At the same time, if you register using our referral link , when you withdraw the first $ 1000 to the card, you will be credited a $ 25 bonus and you will cover the cost of servicing the card. In order to receive a bonus, you must complete the registration process and order a card continuously. If for some reason you interrupted the registration, start it by clicking on our link from the very beginning.
  • Commission for one cash withdrawal from ATM – $ 3.15. Also, a commission of 1.8% from MasterCard is charged if the withdrawal is made in the card currency, or up to 3.5% commission for a cross-border payment if the withdrawal is made in a currency other than the card currency.
  • Currency conversion takes place at the MasterCard rate, or at the rate of the bank, if it allows it.
  • There is no commission for payments on the Internet and in stores.
  • There is no commission for transfers within the system.
  • There is no commission for withdrawing to a bank account.

How to top up your Payoneer card.

Initially, the payment system was conceived to receive payments from partner companies. There are a lot of these companies – from large freelance exchanges, such as Upwork, Freelancer, to various services on the Internet, such as Airbnb, Depositphotos, Amazon, iStock.

There are several ways to fund Payoneer cards:

  • Receiving payments from partner companies.
  • Replenishment of the card through the Global Payment Service.
  • Replenishment of cards through payment requests (invoice).
  • Replenishment of the card through transfers within the system using the “Make Payment” service.

All these methods will be described in more detail below. At the same time, cards cannot be replenished:

  • Cash.
  • Direct transfers from e-wallets.
  • Bank transfers from other cards.

Payoneer Global Payment Service.

This service allows you to have virtual bank accounts in different countries of the world and accept payments from foreign companies. The service is available on the tab “Receiving” -> “Global Payment Service”.


At the moment, accounts in three currencies are available by default: Account for receiving US dollars (ACH), account for receiving euros (SEPA), account for receiving pounds sterling (BACS). You can also open additional accounts in Chinese yuan and Japanese yen. To do this, just click on “+” and fill out a short form, where you will be asked to indicate how you plan to use the accounts and from whom to receive funds.

A prerequisite for using this service is that you must send a scanned copy of an identity document, as well as fill out a questionnaire in which you must indicate where you plan to receive payments from and what services you provide.


Also, the Global Payment Service has a number of restrictions on the use of the service:

  • Only transfers in account currency are accepted. Do not transfer euros to a dollar account and vice versa.
  • Transfers must be made from the company’s account
  • Transfers from individuals will be automatically rejected
  • Bank transfers are not supported
  • Transfers from the account of your company are not accepted

From our experience, we can say that this service is very convenient to use if you are a freelancer and work for a foreign company, or want to withdraw money from another payment system, for example Skrill.

Payment request (invoice) and acceptance of payments from foreign clients.

The payment request (invoice) service allows you to accept payments from foreign companies, as well as individuals. I would like to note right away that for faster and more smooth processing of your requests, it is also better to immediately send a scanned copy of the document to confirm your identity and fill out the form required for the Global Payment Service (see paragraph above).

In order to use the “Request payment” service in your Payoneer account, go to the menu “Receive” -> “Request payment”. You will open a form in which you will need to fill in the payment details, as well as the payer data.


We recommend that you fill out the “Description” item in detail – this can speed up the approval of the payment. The payment form will be sent to the email address that you specified in the payer data. You can pay for invoice in several ways:

Bank payment Electronic check Credit card
Limitations Not $ 3000 / transaction; $ 10000 / day $ 2000 / transaction; $ 10000 / day
Payment method Through the bank Online through the bank MasterCard® / Visa online
Duration 2-5 work. days 5-8 work. days 2 work. days
Commission 1% – USD; 0% – EUR / GBP one% 3%
Payers Companies from the USA, EU and UK Companies and individuals from the USA Companies and individuals from all over the world

You can track the status of the payment in the “History” -> “Manage payment requests” tab. Each payment has a status. Values ​​of payment statuses:

  • Request pending – payment is awaiting payment from the payer.
  • Payment Under Review – Payment is pending approval by Payoneer.
  • Payment Approved – the payment has been approved, but the funds have not yet been credited
  • Payment Paid – payment has been paid, funds have been credited.

How to make a payment to another Payoneer account. Service “Make Payment”.

This service allows you to transfer payments directly to other account holders of the payment system without commissions. Payments are credited very quickly, within one hour. But this service is not available to all account holders of the system. To activate it, you definitely need to receive at least $ 200 from Payoneer partner companies (Upwork, Freelancer, Amazon, Airbnb, iStock, Depositphotos, etc.), or through the Global Payment Service.

You can use the service by going to the “Pay” -> “Make a payment” menu.


The recipient’s email address must be entered. mail, to which he has registered an account in the system. After the payment is sent, you and the recipient will receive notifications when the payment is verified and credited.

Withdraw money from Skrill to Payoneer.

This can be done using the “Withdraw to bank account” option in Skrill, as well as the details that are available in your “Global Payment Service” tab in your account.

Skrill recently closed withdrawals to dollar bank accounts. Quote:

Please note that we no longer accept wire transfers or withdraw funds to bank accounts in USD.

Therefore, we will be able to withdraw only to a euro account. Go to the menu “Receipt” -> “Global Payment Service” there select an account in EUR.

Here we see the details – we need a BIC (in the Skrill form it is SWIFT), IBAN and the country of the bank. Next, go to your Skrill account in “Cards and Bank Accounts” and select “Add Bank Account”. Fill in the required fields and you’re done. Please note that Skrill will take about 7.5% commission and will also convert your account currency into euros.

The money will be credited within 5 business days. After that, you can either withdraw them to a bank account linked to your account, or order yourself a Payoneer euro card and cash out from it. When ordering such a card, you will not be charged additional service fees.

Currency exchange between Payoneer accounts.

Payoneer allows you to have accounts in different currencies. Therefore, there is also a function of currency conversion between these accounts. This can help users:

  • Pay VAT.
  • Pay for goods or services between Payoneer accounts without commission (Make a Payment).
  • Payment of an invoice through the Payoneer API with the required currency (Request a Payment).

The currency exchange amount should not exceed the funds available on the account. The exchange rate is taken at the average market rate, and the Payoneer commission is fixed at 0.5%.

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