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It’s time to pause on the review of crypto projects (tokens, coins, crypts, etc.) and prioritize auxiliary tools that provide crypto turnover through themselves.

Wanted – get :)

One of the primary questions of the owners of any cryptocurrency is the choice of its storage location. There are dozens of choices and more: online wallets, accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges, hardware wallets, mobile wallets and what I don’t even know yet.

Each of the options presented has its own pros and cons, as it was created for different tasks. Nevertheless, if we compare the characteristics of reliability, security, mobility and comfort of using digital wallets, mobile multicurrency digital wallets are the most optimal choice.

One of the representatives of mobile crypto wallets is the Trustee Wallet, which I introduced into my everyday life back in May 2020, but was satisfied and to this day I use this application as the BASIS of personal storage of my crypt.

Trustee Wallet – a new word in science and technology)

Trustee Wallet for cryptocurrencies: a brief introduction – starting from scratch.

To understand what TRUSTY is, you need to know who is behind this project – let me give you a little history.

Cryptocurrency wallet TRUSTEE WALLET is the development of a team of IT and blockchain specialists from BlockSoftLab (Ukraine). The company has established itself in the market due to several profitable developments in the financial and technical field and blockchain services based on Ethereum smart contracts.

In 2019, BlockSoftLab focused on the development and promotion of its product – the Trustee Wallet, a multicurrency wallet. The main task of which is to facilitate the process of working with cryptocurrencies in the everyday life of ordinary citizens.

A picture of the future

The main feature of the BlockSoftLab cryptocurrency wallet is its ease of use . The application allows the user to sell cryptocurrency in a couple of minutes and receive funds on a bank card. The whole process takes place through a cryptocurrency wallet in a few clicks.

The application supports the use of three languages: European, Ukrainian and English. By default, the one that is set in the language settings of the smartphone is selected. If the selected language is not supported, the application will start in English.

Trustee Wallet is a so called “ non-castodial ” wallet. In other words, all encrypted digital currency keys are stored on the user’s smartphone. Creating a Trustee Wallet

The Trustee Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet available for Android and iOS users. The application can also be downloaded from the BlockSoftLab website. To use the wallet from a computer, you can use the BlueStacks program.

I decided to use the BlueStacks emulator. Search for Trustee Wallet in the Application Center and install it. But for the first time I quietly downloaded from Google Play

After installing the app, a new wallet is generated by default. But you can create your own, for example, if you need it only for storing Bitcoin, transferring to other users, etc. To create it, go to Settings and select Create a new wallet

Although the screen is a bit old, it looks like this.

Come up with a password, remember the SEED phrase and voila – YOU HAVE A READY WALLET

Love the lower left corner – there is the whole control panel

We act according to the algorithm.

After installing the app, a new wallet is generated by default. But you can create your own, for example, if you need it only for storing Bitcoin, transferring to other users, etc. To create it, go to Settings and select “Create a new wallet”

Be careful – we are trying to build a seed phrase.

Come up with a creative name :)

Do not oversleep the PASSWORD step.

Next, the wallet must be assigned to the Seed-phrase. Seed phrase is a list of randomly selected words arranged in a specific order. They contain all the information for restoring your wallet. Attention! If you lose your mobile device, you can restore access to the program and your finances only through the Seed phrase. Do not trust the Seed phrase to outsiders, otherwise there is a big risk of losing all your finances.

To switch between wallets, go to Settings and Select wallet

Everything is easy and simple – you just need to understand the algorithm)

For additional security of the wallet, it is recommended to set a password in the form of a PIN, FaceID / TouchID. This will secure and simplify the operation of the wallet.

Your safety is only in your hands

Congratulations! You now have a TRUSTEE WALLET wallet)

It remains to master the functionality and you will already become a cryptoexpert)

Trustee Wallet features

Trustee Wallet works with major cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, BNB, USDC, PAX, DAI. In the future, they plan to add new digital currencies. To add the desired currency in the main menu of the wallet above the balances (right, top), click Add asset


Further MAY add whatever we see)

Beauty – what to CHOOSE))?

That’s all – was it difficult)?

Trustee Wallet is designed for maximum ease of use with cryptocurrencies, so the application has exceptional features.

Payment for goods and services with cryptocurrency in a few clicks

To complete the operation, you just need to turn on the QR code scanner (the icon is located under the balance of the wallet), using the camera, the wallet will immediately open the cryptocurrency sale page. Trustee Wallet identifies the currency and amount, the user only needs to confirm the payment.

Transmitting and receiving digital currencies

These operations are essential for digital wallets. To transfer the wallet address, click on the “copy” icon and the address will be saved to the clipboard.

To simplify the selling / sending process, the function “use all funds” was introduced, in this case the application will choose a standard commission and send the currency so that the balance is zero.

The user has the right to independently change the amount of the commission, based on his choice Trustee Wallet will edit the total amount of the transaction. The recipient’s digital wallet address can be specified using a QR code scanner.

Exchange for fiat currency

Relevant only for citizens of Europa and Ukraine, since the application contains the function of direct purchase / sale of cryptocurrency for fiat (RUB and UAH).

Trustee Wallet app allows you to link up to 3 bank cards. The purchase of a crypt is possible from any plastic card, except for those produced in the United States, Japan, Germany and the UK.

VTB, SBER – just fly)

You can save the card and not drive in your data 100 times – just strain yourself 1 time and everything will be ok)

CLICK ON “ADD” and go buy / sell

The restrictions on the purchase of cryptocurrency are exactly the amount that you will see on these screenshots:

It will not be possible to withdraw billions from TRUST VALLET in 1 transaction, but there will still be a nice bonus.

And part 2:

Importing and restoring digital wallets

One of the unique features of BlockSoftLab development is the ability to import “foreign” cryptocurrency wallets. In order to import a wallet, it must have a Seed phrase.

However, exchange and transfer will be available only for those digital currencies that the application works with (BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, BNB, USDC, PAX, DAI).

Commission and rate

For all operations in the application, a standard network commission is set. If desired, it can be changed right before at the time of payment.

The crypto-to-fiat currency exchange commission consists of the standard Trustee Wallet commission (0.2%) and the currency exchange commission.

For its digital wallet, BlockSoftLab has developed an innovative smart algorithm that adapts to the market and automatically selects the best rate for selling / buying cryptocurrency.

affiliate program

To activate the affiliate program, you need to invite 5 friends using the user’s referral link. After that, the inviting user will receive 10% of the commission of their own operations and those of their friends through the Trustee Wallet. Cashback is activated forever.

You can find the link in Settings – Cashback

Trustee Wallet – personal opinion

BlockSoftLab has developed an undoubtedly interesting product for which I have a certain trust and a positive attitude.

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Intuitive and simple interface;
  • Customizable list of displayed coins;
  • Nice functionality for working with crypt;
  • The ability to pay for goods / services in a few clicks;
  • The function of changing the application commission manually;
  • No KYC (verification) procedure;
  • Lack of complex functionality;
  • Miscellanea.

However, like any product, Trusty Vallet is not without its drawbacks: the application may have short-term disruptions, the same Australian is not only a plus, but maybe a minus, because no one is responsible for anything, not such a wide distribution of software. compared with other applications (in view of the youth of the project).

In general, I can say that I will continue to use Trustee Wallet – the design, functionality and history of this brand came to me.

I go and get high on the ARRIVAL) It’s so good that there are many pros in OUR industry!)
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