Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is the most common type of club poker that is still popular today, similar to Texas hold’em. Up to ten people can take part in the game, playing on a specialized game table using additional equipment.

The main goal of the game is to get a common Bank formed during the game by all players. By collecting the best combination of cards, using two of your four pocket cards and three of your five community cards, you can break the overall pot or remain the only participant in the draw.

Combinations of cards

In Omaha poker is played with a standard poker hand in addition to the ACE-king:

  • Royal Flush (Royal flush)
  • Straight Flush (straight flush)
  • Four of a Kind)
  • Full House (full house)
  • Flush, Straight)
  • Three of a Kind)
  • Two Pairs (two pairs)
  • Pair (pair)
  • High Card (highest card)

The player must use two pocket cards and three community cards in his combination. This is the main difference between Omaha poker and Texas hold’em.

The blinds

In Omaha, there are two types of mandatory bets that players must make in turn before the cards are dealt:

  • Small blind – a bet equal to half of the minimum bet determined by the table limit, which must be made by the player sitting clockwise behind the nominal dealer (the player on the button).
  • Big blind – a bet equal to the minimum bet determined by the table limit, which must be made by the player sitting behind the player in the small blind position.

The game uses a special marker called a button. It moves clockwise from player to player with each new hand. Its position determines the nominal dealer, as well as the players who should place the big and small blinds. The player in the position behind the nominal dealer must place the small blind, and the player next to him must place the big blind.

Game progress

Before each hand begins, players in their respective positions place the small and big blinds, after which the dealer hands them four cards face down (pocket cards). Then follow the trading circles.

Preflop – the first round is called a preflop. First, the decision is made by the player directly behind the big blind. He can fold, place a bet equal to the size of the big blind (call), raise the bet (raise). If one of the players raises the bet, his opponents can raise the bet again (re-raise). The game moves to the next stage when all remaining opponents in the game have equalized their bets.

Flop – at this stage, three community cards are dealt, called the flop. They can be used for making combinations by all players. This is followed by a second round of bidding. The first decision is made by the player who sits next to the button. He can place a bet within the limits of this table, make a check (check), transferring the right to move to another player, or fold (fold). This round ends when all active players level their bets.

Turn-this round opens another card that is common to all players, called the turn. Bidding is conducted according to the same principles as in the previous round.

River –the last community card that opens in this round is called the river. After it, the last round of trading takes place.

Show Down-performed if there is more than one player left in the game. Then the opponents compare their combinations, and the winner is determined, who becomes the owner of the pot. If the players ‘ combinations are equal in strength, the pot is divided between them.

After that, the button moves clockwise to the next player, and a new hand begins.

Variety of games

Depending on the betting method, Omaha poker can be limited (limit), pot limit (pot limit) or no limit (no limit). There are also variations of the game that differ in other rules (Omaha Hi / Lo, Omaha Eight-or-Better, and others).


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